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Digitally enhancing Brunei with UNN's modernization journey

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

UNN’s CFO, Bernd Flack, and Head of Controlling, Kelly Ngo, outline how the company supports WAWASAN 2035 through education, innovation, and modernisation.

Unified National Networks has been featured in the May issue of Mobile Magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Bernd Flack, Chief Financial Officer, discusses digitally enhancing Brunei with UNN’s modernisation journey.

Bernd explains that “UNN was formed to help support a bigger initiative conducted by the Brunei government in 2004, where they looked to set up a programme to renew and enable the country for the future. The government looked to invest in the education of its population to define its economic strategy for a dynamic and sustainable economy and make sure that the country will have the right infrastructure for growth. This programme - WAWASAN 2035 - has the incorporation of UNN as one amongst other key steps to develop its telecommunication and digital infrastructure.”

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