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Metal Fabrication

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UNIK provides in-house metal fabrication to manufacture our main products such as UNIKPOLE, and customized products for structural, commercial, and industrial construction. Our clients’ requirements are thoroughly designed by our engineering team which ensures quality and client satisfaction.

Our experienced engineers and fabricators build parts for a wide variety of industries. Along with our wide range of services, our value-added processing makes us a one-stop shop for your custom metal fabrication needs.

Hot Dip Galvanizing


Hot dip galvanizing is the best protective coating solution available for steel-based materials. It is a process where steel articles are immersed in a bath of molten zinc to create an alloying reaction between steel and zinc to provide full corrosion resistance.

By protecting it from rust and corrosion, it provides long life and durability, even in severe coastal exposure. Its long-term protection is well-documented worldwide and is superior to any other protective coating.

Industrial Painting


UNIK proudly offers industrial painting services for our customers. Whereby the surface treatment, primer selection, and color choice are determined through a consultative process to help guarantee that all metal products are prepared for specific painting applications and have the correct paint applied to meet the demands of specific environmental conditions.

Metal painting gives any component or finished product an aesthetically pleasing appearance and adds to its market value.

Maintenance Services

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door

Our maintenance service will keep your operations running smoothly, optimizing maintenance cost, improving worker safety, and enhancing equipment longevity. 

UNIK provides various types of maintenance and repair services. Our highly trained and certified technicians, both on-site and remotely, will support your maintenance strategy, ensuring your assets and systems get proper maintenance to perform efficiently and maximize uptime.

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