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Taking a closer look at galvanizing process

PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd in collaboration with UNIK Galvanizing & Metal Products Sdn Bhd organized a technical visit for PUJA Members to the UNIK Galvanizing Plant at Sg Bera Industrial Estate, Seria. Trainees currently undergoing the MISC (Construction) RCC-Visor Bridging Program were also invited to join the visit.

Founded in year 2007, UNIK Galvanizing and Metal Products started as the pioneer and only galvanizing plant in Brunei Darussalam. Embracing the growth of the country infrastructure and urban development, they have since diversified to manufacturing street lighting poles, tubular poles, guardrails and structural fabrication. UNIK has been serving the diverse needs of industries ranging from construction, marine, oil and gas and many more over 10 years in the highly specialized field of galvanizing.

30 participants attended the half-day session and this program is developed to ‘Promote Awareness, Improve Knowledge and Enhancing Experience’ especially for students who are interested in joining the industry and for professionals to expand their knowledge on construction matters.

The site visit was officiated with a welcoming remark by the managing director of UNIK Galvanizing, Mr Chen Chi Wing and also included in the site visit’s program are tour around the galvanizing plant and getting to know more about the galvanizing process and also metal fabrication.

More photos below:

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