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UNIK Annual Dinner: Gala Night themed

Last week UNIK held an Annual Dinner at Starlodge Brunei to commemorate all of UNIK employees for their hard work and commitment for the company.

The dinner started with a doa recital led by Izwan Farhan, followed by opening remarks from Managing Director Chen Chi Wing. The crowd witnessed talented acts from UNIK’s very own employees who danced and sang, entertaining everyone throughout the night.

The event also hosted special awards, rewarding exemplary employees for safety, long service, and best employees. Syaza was awarded the Best Pakat Award, whereas Delwar Hossain was awarded the Long Service Award wherein he worked with UNIK for 15 years. Three employees took home the Best Employee award, namely Joshua Ivan Teo Ten Wee, Dudu Miah, and Abdul Ghofur who have demonstrated tremendous work ethics within the year.

We sincerely thank each and every one for their time and effort for the past one year, these are invaluable to us and we hope for continuous growth next year.

More photos below:

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